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Me, myself and I are a unique one-man venture that plans to conquer the video game market. The owner, CEO, creative director, designer, programmer, artist and tester are all-in-one. This small company is a perfect example that in the era of high technological requirements, even one person can at least try to create a game with hundrets of hours of gameplay and a world with an infinite number of possibilities.

Wish me luck.


My main motivation is money and fame. After all, why do something for free when you can earn money and make yourself famous? As my grandfather used to say, „No money, no fun!” And fame is a miracle when you watch all those thumbs go up and your name starts flashing on the screen. And honestly, I don’t care what players will think about my game, the most important thing is that they buy it and that the media write about it, after all, advertising is the basis, right? So yes, my main motivation is money and fame, and whether my game will be good or not it is not my problem.

Seriously wish me good effin’ luck.